Sucking sisters toes

I want to make a confession, I've always had a foot fetish since I was a teenager it was mainly to do with girls who wear high heel shoes something about it just turns me on so much, anyway during college years I met a girl we started dating (9 years later still together) but one thing she doesn't like is anything to do with feet and she never wears high heels. Only once she did as I brought her lingere with nice shoes to go with it so had some w*** photos to use. Anyway story goes my sister is a pretty attractive woman I'm not at all interested in her and she's older then me at the time I was 22 and she was 27. Her feet on the other hand are so sexy, she would go out to party's and night clubs wearing very high heels. Sometimes when she gets back late at night then goes go bed I would get up go to the front door or into her room and find the shoes she was wearing and sit there sniffing them and rubbing my c*** on them, however never came knocking them as I didn't want to stain suede

Anyway time was passing by and I came up with an idea of how to get a better look at her feet, I did use to have a app on my phone that activates camera with screen off so it didn't look suspicious and even under the dinner table I'll have my phone taking photos, some which were really good I had a few good wanks over. But it was enough I just wanted to touch and sniff the real deal

So every day she makes her bed and tucks the sheets in, when she leaves for work or what ever and I'm home I'll go into her room and untuck the sheet at the bottom of the bed and lift up inbetween the Dona, at the time I didn't think this was going to work and I had to come up with a reason as to why I did incass she found out, (reason Cat was meowing I thought there might of been a mouse or bug lol) anyway luckily enough she didn't notice come to around 11pm that night I got up and went into her room she was sound asleep and at the end of her bed was the shoes she obviously wore out that day nice 5 inch patient stilettos, so I walk in and get down on my knees both my knee caps cracked "Loud" but she didn't seem to budge so I kept going I lifted up the Dona carefully as well as the sheet I unlocked and bam there they were 2 Gerogus feet I slowly put my head in to the point my noise was just above her toes ( she was laying on her stomach) so I got full view of the soles and under the toes I couldn't help my self and started to sniff as my c*** was getting hard, I thought to myself I made it this far might as well go all in so I grabbed her big toe with my fingers and just lifted it up a little enough to get my mouth under it and there it was in my mouth, she was in such a deep sleep I used my tounge and licked all around it and sucked it for a good 5 minutes , I was so hard at this time. My heart was pounding also as if what happens if she woke up, but I was so far into it I couldn't stop. So next I grabbed her other foot and put them side by side and sucked both big toes at the same time, I mean my sister can sleep through storms thunder and even an earthquake! So I didn't really feel as if she would wake up, I even grabbed her shoe and brang it under the covers and put the heel part in between her toes and licked the shoe as well as her foot. Nothing has ever turned me on so much, I really wish I had somehow videoed it, anyway my c*** was so hard and I needed to c** so bad, so I got back out took both her shoes into my room and came inside being that they are patient there's no stains to really worry about and the exciting thing was she wore those heels the next morning

Am I a bad person for doing this? I didn't hurt her in anyway it may have been classed as rape? Insiest? But I honestly couldn't resist was so good, I never did it again as after I came I did feel a bit ashamed of my self, but wheni look back at it from now on I think f*** it was actually very hot and I should of done at more


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  • Totally normal! Id have c** in them every day

  • Mmmm, those little piggies all got to go to market. 😛👣👅😋

  • I'll bet she was pretending to be asleep so not to scare you into stopping what you were doing.

  • 👠👣🤤👅😋🍆💦💦💦

  • 🤔 'Patient' leather ?

  • I never did understand the feet thing but oh well.

  • Completely normal. Its not rape or incest, how could it be when all you did was lick her feet? I wish I could've done that

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