High heels and boots

First off im 20yo female, and i know guys really like girls dressed up and wearing high heeled boots and heels but is it normal for a girl to have a little bit of a fetish for sexy footwear? i own over 50 sets of shoes, heels and boots of all diffrent types, ranging from black pumps to over the knee high heel power boots,
i just feel so hot and sexy weating them with the right outfit, i even get turned on wearing the real sexy stuff and have found myself wearing them to work, i even got told once i should dress down a tad to go with my workplace enviroment, i get its one thig for a guy to have that type fetish but is it for a girl?

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  • Don't worry it's normal High heels with jeans are my favorite, I live with my parents I love playing around with my dad he gets aroused when I lay on the couch and lay my legs with heels over him

  • I kinda have this fetish too, at first I didn't like it but then I felt so sexy in them, my favorite pair are 6.5 in wedgess

  • It's perfect for a girl to have this fetish! You sound sooooo sexy!

  • I have to force my wife to dress sexy. Short skirts, tights, high heels. Oh that she would just get into it

  • My mom landlord just brought me some 5 inch heels.. I love them

  • What was the outfit you wore to work that got you in trouble?

  • Well...i had on a pair stiletto high buckled boots, fishnet tights with a leather pencil skirt, white blouse and red blazer, i loved how it made my body look and i thought it was quite professional

  • What was your most outragious outfit youve worn out?

  • Oh my, on a night out in the town, i once wore a cages latex dress with thigh high boots, really enjoyed the attention that night

  • Not unusual at all. One of my now-former close friends and business associates loved to wear sexy, black boots, with skirts or tucked into her jeans, and ate up compliments from men and women alike. One business group woman, nice and all..Was known to be Bi, and, one meeting morning, told my friend what seeing her in those black, mid-calf boots did to her, sexually. I told her, too, but, it seemed hotter coming from a woman to another woman. I don't miss the drama and bs of knowing her like I did, but, yeah..Do miss seeing her in sexy boots this time of year. Boots and tight jeans drove me crazy..

  • My enjoy wearing my brown tan boots with my pale blue jeans tucked in, complete with a tan leather jacket

  • Hot hot hot. go girl!

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