The perfect soccer mom housewife

My idea of an ultra feminine soccer Mom housewife. Her long acrylic french nails will be immaculate and she will always be in open heels showing off her perfect french pedicure. She will be a makeup expert and spend a lot of time in the morning putting her face on, before I even get out of bed. She will also spend time during each day at the gym to stay in shape. She will micromanage her own meals and eat very sensibly because maintaining her figure is crucial. She will often make separate meals for me, because our diets are so different. Other parts of her day will be online studying beauty blogs and being up to date on fashion and the latest plastic surgery trends. I want her to be the envy of all the other wives on the block and I want all the husbands jealous of me because their wives couldn't stay thin and attractive after one or two kids like mine has. And it will be obvious to the other guys on the block that my wife and I maintain a very active and passionate ** life. How could I keep my hands off her, she looks perfect! I will be picking out the clothes she wears and everything must be pre-approved before wearing it. She will dress to make her assets known, but in a tasteful and classy way. She is very proud of her recent breast augmentation , so there will be some cleavage every day. Flat shoes, and closed shoes are not allowed unless she is at the gym. Always open heels or open strappy sandals. Also pants are out of the question. Skirts and dresses only, with nylons sometimes in the winter. Nail appointments for mani/pedi are every Friday. I am less picky about her hair as long as its long. Last but not least, we will be practicing Domestic Discipline where she will face spankings for any deficits in looking after her appearance or not following the dress code or failures keeping up the interior of the house. Did I miss anything crucial in describing the perfect ideal soccer mom housewife???

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  • For the first 10 years of my marriage I had just that. She was not the read womens magazines or blogs. She was the submit to your husband kind of church girl. At my insistence she wore mini skirts, tights or bare legs were my decision. Lipstick, clothes. Some lovely memories like we went to visit her parents and she was wearing a miniskirt and had been complaining to me that she felt exposed and humiliated which I like and when we got to her parents and were sitting down and she made some comment and her mom said to her that we have to make an effort to please our husbands and often that means making a sacrifice for him. Amongst our church friends she was known for having to wear miniskirts at my insistence. I remember her girlfriends telling her that honouring her husband was more important than worrying about other peoples opinions on modesty. One day apparently she went and bought some pants and went to one of her girlfriends places to she the girlfriend and the girlfriend told her that "he won't like that" and she took them back and got a refund.

    unfortunately she got rebellious. Very cold. ** was boring as. She never denied me. Very submissive. All I had to do was so lets have ** and she'd take of her **, pull up her nightie and lie down on her back with her legs apart. Totally still. No complaints. No enjoyment. Fun once. ** detached after that.

    Finally she left me.

  • Wow. Did you go into your marriage with this in mind, and did she know what was expected of her before becoming engaged? Or did things sort of evolve this way? If you wouldn't have married her, would you have married somebody just like her? Or do you think this was a unique coupling? Are you going to try for something similar for Wife #2 ??? Very interesting situation.

  • It kind of evolved. I was a bit of a ** guy and she was compliant is probably a honest way to say it and it kind of developed. I guess I found power to be arousing or even intoxicating.

  • No wonder she left you - You micromanaged and controlled her for 10 years how long should someone put up with that ** in the end you’re the one who got ** up when she left you. If you were clever you would’ve given her some autonomy , Treated her like a human being not a slave and kept a hold of a good thing.

  • You are totally right. I was certainly at fault for letting out get out of control. At times the power was intoxicating. But totally my fault and not suprising she left.

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