I feel like...

I'm supposed to be a singer. Or a musician. I'm not sure why. Just, whenever I sing along to songs that really speak to me, even if it's by myself, I feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. I never even thought I had a fantastic voice or anything, and it's probably too late to consider voice lessons, especially since I'm pursuing another major in college. Also, I get terrible stage fright when I try to sing in front of others. I guess I just wish I had the b**** to get up there and belt it out.

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  • Most "fantastic" voices are developed through long hard hours of practice and training. Do you think God just MADE Tim Tebow the fantastic athlete he is over night? HARDLY! Even the word of God will tell you that's not how it works!

    Yes, some are blessed with raw talent.... but those are the extremely rare cases. And even the major majority of those had a LOT of work to get as good as they are. There are precious few Susan Boyle's in this world.

    So, go find yourself a good voice trainer, start the learning process and practice every second you can. Will that make you the BEST singer in the world? That's not the point is it? The point is to let the song in your heart out! Only you can do that.... but it don't come for free!

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