The Girl Next Door

I had s** with my next door neighbor and i think i might be pregnant. i'm 20 and he's 19. i live in another state for school and only see him on holidays (every 2 months or so). i'm petrified

Jan 12, 2012

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  • Honey, the time for worrying about the consequences was BEFORE you slept with the guy, NOT now! Now you need to concentrate on the issue at hand. Are you or are you not pregnant. Go but a damned test kit and do the test. THEN, if you ARE in fact pregnant logically deal with it. It's not like you can undo it now can you? And for the REST of you out there reading this..... here is ANOTHER prime case of a woman wo DID have the freedom to make the crucial decisions about her body and chose to take the chance. People I support a woman's right to choose more than most. It's just that most women, like this one want to make that choise AFTER the fact rather than BEFORE! You don't get no sympathy from me honey. I'm 57 and never had a woman want me bad enough to make reckless choices like this.... and even if she had, *I*, being the man and the STRONGER of the sexes would have made the tough choice for both of us and used a condom! THAT is what a *MAN* does!

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