My best friend's husband raped me and I

My best friend's husband raped me and I never told her. 3 days before they got married, he held me down, started tickling me and stuck his tongue in my ear. I was so f****** shocked because he never showed any interest before. He jumped up, apologized profusely and said he was having pre wedding jittters. I was uncomfortable as h***. We were over to his apartment (my best friend was in the kitchen) and I wanted to tell her but you guys, how awkward is that? 3 frigging days before the wedding and I was the maid of honor? So I just let that go. Fast forward 2 years later. I don't go over to their home too much because he is always leering at me but since they were having a birthday party (they are born a week apart) I decided to go. I don't want to go into graphic detail but this idiot her hubby gets drunk, follows me into the bathroom and rapes me. Not to be gross but his p**** was huge and I bled. he kept commenting how he felt like dying and going to heaven because I was tight. After it was over with, I kinda cleaned up and sneaked out the backdoor and went home. i have never told her or anyone else. This happened 4 years ago......

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  • Maybe someone so tight needs to be forced from time to time?

  • If you feel good and hot to raped by him in bathroom,then you will be chance him for everyday in your life. He follows you every where.

  • Hi,4 years ago but you are not forget the situation. You raped by your friend,'s husband with his big p******. I know he also like and liked you. Also know you already liked him or raped by his c***. I think s** is a beautiful think of our love life. And it's a very beautiful thing.. I don't what? But he likes and love you and your sexy b***. I will suggest you, if you like to him then one contact and one chance to him for r*** you, only for rape not only s** ,then you call your friend .

  • You must report that b******. If your friend doesn't believe/support you, she's not your friend.

  • It may have happened years ago but you need to tell your friend. You might think your doing the right thing by not telling her but your not. What i would do is after telling your friend i would call the police even if your friend thinks its a joke and that your lying. You might think 4 years is to late to call the police, but it's better late then never


  • w****

  • My best friend's husband sexually assaulted me earlier this year. She was my maid of honor. I always feel strange when I see him, and I feel disgusted keeping up appearances in group settings.

  • either tell her, or kill him


  • I think that you liked it or else you would've told someone other than confession post

  • If this is true and you were not a willing partner... rape is rape

  • how old are you?

  • I guess it shocked you so bad that you forgot how to fight him off and scream, this post smells like BS.

  • Have you still been friends with them these past 4 years?

  • Woooow...

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