I foud out 20 years later.

On my wedding night I got carried away and ended up walking back to my room in just my corset, Thong and a smile, We had sneaked into the pool/hot tub with my maid of honor and geared down, We were sneaking back to our rooms with the majority of our clothes in hand and heard voices, Ducked into our room and hid out, We were dripping wet and being a september wedding it was chilly, We had left our window in the room open so me and my maid of honor stripped out of our wet garments and wrpped up in towels, We were having a drink and we were already trashed but my husband stood up and had a bulge under his towel, Long story short he showed it, We dropped our towels and had a one and only 3 way with my maid of honor.
I still think it counts as consummating our marriage but whatever, Fast forward 20 years and my husband need an organ donation, We had been testing family members who came forward and offered but we had not found him a suitable match and were starting to get discouraged. I got a call from my maid of honor who is still my best friend after all the stuff we have been through and she came over, we sat and talked and she said "We should get Devon tested" devon is her son. Her and her ex husband split and got back together multiple times before splitting for good 7 years ago and I asked why she would think we should test her son. She said "Well...(Her ex) was my date at the wedding but, We didn't hook up until 2 weeks after the wedding".
Yes I was well aware that my husband had s** with her, I am well aware it was a marathon session but, She never did tell me that according to the doctor her conception date was before her and her ex hooked up and she lied to him and told him it was definitely his son and that she didn't let my husband even put it in her which was a lie, It happened a lot. Anyway we have renewed hope but also a bit of a large issue if it happens to be that he is my husbands son.

Dec 21

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  • Life is precious.

  • Deal with it. Do you want your husband dead?

  • In 2019, before Covid, I found out my husband was the father of my best friend's 19 year old daughter Mandi.
    Mandi did one of those family heritage DNA test kids. My husband had done the same one two years prior. When Mandi's results came back it also listed names of family relatives that had done the same test.
    My husband came back as a 99.5% match as a relative.
    When Mandi showed her mom (Lisa) and I the E-mail. Lisa confessed that she'd had s** with my husband while I was away visiting my mom. Lisa had told my husband she was on BC but wasn't.
    BTW: At the time, Lisa was going through marriage problems but worked things out because Lisa had become pregnant with Mandi.
    Things were awkward for a few weeks but we are still friends.

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