This is less of a confession and more of a question. Am I being harsh on my boyfriend ? So months ago I told my boyfriend about a wedding taking place and he said he would love to come but should probably sort out his hair first. He said he wanted to sort his hair out because he had free foam dreadlocks at the time which HE decided he wanted to sort out and neaten. HE DECIDED TO CUT HIS HAIR AND BARE IN MIND HE CUT IT HIMSELF. (Also he has not stepped foot in a barber for over 7 years) Now he has had MONTHS to prepare his fukking hair and now 2 days before the wedding he’s begging ME to call up hair dressers to do something with HIS hair.(HE IS A GROWN ASS 27 year old man ) He won’t even speak to the hairdresser himself. He wants me to do it.....the wedding is 2 days away. I am not his B***** mother. So I blew up and told him I AM NOT GOING TO HOLD HIS HAND WHILST HE GETS HIS B***** HAIR DONE. he wants me to book the hair appointment, Come to the f****** hair shop whilst he gets what he needs and WAIT WITH HIM AT THE HAIRDRESSERS UNTIL HIS HAIR IS DONE!!!! DOES HE EVER COME WITH ME TO GET MY fAcking HAIR DONE?!.....I think NOT *deep sigh* I went bat s*** crazy on him.... like I went ape s***. Was I harsh ?

Aug 7, 2019

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  • Nope. Tell him that you would like to see him dressed like a real gentleman. You must also dress nicely, like a true lady.

  • Go back and kick his b****

  • Actually you are right. Your man is a little b****.

  • Nope. You're in the right. He's just being lazy. I hate getting my hair cut but I find the time to get my butt in the chair when occasions call for it.

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