Hey...!!! i dunno when i started this....but i watch internet p*** and have s** chat (online)and i even m*********....everthing started with me getting interest in internet p***...i feel like crap....i got addicted to it...and am trying to change and its getting very hard to change....still am more thing...i have kissed my frnd and had dirty talks with another frnd....alll i regret so al of this messed my beautiful life and i hate myself to the core....this is disturbing like something...i cant tel anyone as ma society is a bit different ....i feel a bit ok after confessing....i wanna change myself....and am sure i wil and god am so sorry for being this dirty....forgive me plz...!!!!!

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  • Just go to those friends and say that you don't like them like that. Btw if people didn't like p*** AKA s** then that means nobody liked s** which means nobody would do s**, which means not future generations, ALL NATURAL!

  • It's human nature to be h**** f*****. It's life, It's reality. F*** anything and everything.!


  • There is no god. If there was p*** wouldn't exist so enjoy your p*** fantasy's and just because one sick f*** had to get into kiddy p*** to get off doesn't mean you will. Enjoy your time to yourself. Life is to short not to o***** ever day. Just never rape, or molest anyone. Ever.

  • There is a God. It is because of the sins of humans and the temptations from the Devil that we have p*** on this earth. I am 12 and I have been watching p*** from when I was 8 because of my best friend. It is only if you trust in the lord then you will be set free.

  • i like to drink my own c** it taste so gud

  • first off unless u chage itll only get worse. i started with p*** then needed rape vids then kiddy p*** to be able to get off. go see someone b 4 its too late!

    second: f****** spammer is a piece of s** a****** who needs to do the world a favor an wash your mouth out with buckshot!

  • You sick m***********

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