No words

No matter how much i denied it....i now confess that its because of my foolishness and stupidity that i lost one of my closest friends..because i was not able to keep in touch with her....when i tried doing the same friend broke our friendship which lasted for sm 10 yrs ....

i hope we become friends again though ...she doesnt talk to me nemore !!!!!!

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  • What was it like being pushed with a old b****** of 46 when I was 16 by samantha (car yard s*** and her old mom vivian?) who set up for this ugly old woman of a man to go out with me? awful. he literally looked like a prince charles illigitamate dirty love child and acted so efaminate it was like he was a girl poofy woofy. and his mother was a stupid old s*** and the sister was a s***.

    he should have been up on pedo charges. I mean to me, kylie minogue is just dating a pedo in prince andrew and she is a pedo herself. I bet she is.

  • Time for your pills, psycho!!!

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