I'm bi but I've been with my Boyfriend for 3 years..

So i have been with my boyfriend since 2008 & he is an incredible guy just VERY close-minded which is completely opposite of me...at the beginning of our relationship he saw a photo of me and one of my friends making out at some party and was completely disgusted by it, telling me he can't stand lesbians & gay guys or girl on girl action at all which was CRAZYYY because like every guy i've met before him was always into girl on girl or somewhat of the matter...i lied and said yeah hahaha we were just drunk! :/ (obviously i had never told him i was bi and had been with one girl before--i was never hiding it but it just didn't ever come up before he saw the photo)but this was a about a month into us really dating and i figured i would just bring it up eventually & honestly because we are so opposite i never thought we would become soooo serious...WELL 3 years later we are still together and i moved in with him a year ago...STILL HAVEN'T TOLD HIM IM BI...and it sucks but throughout these 3 years he is always saying little things about people who like the same s** or if two girls makeout on tv or in a movie he is like ughh...so how could i tell the man i love im bi...it would ruin him and us...but i feel like i'm missing something ALL THE TIME...and i hate feeling like i'm lying to him in a way...but why i'm bringing this up is because HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM TWO DAYS AGO D: which it was an absolute perfect proposal but THE ENTIRE TIME ..me being bi was all i could think about....i don't know what to do..i need to tell him but i know it wouldn't be okay with him at all... do i throw away a possible perfect marriage with a guy i truly love? or should i hide my feelings towards girls and grow up...? my life is pretty much circled around him too...i work at his mothers tanning salon...i live with him..he pays my bills..and he is really just perfect..im the f***** up one ): btw i'm 21.

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  • See how his s** feels, then choose. Just start undressing urself the minute u walk in the room where hes at.

  • we have had plenty of s**...we have been together for 3 years...4 years..this october. His s** is great but im BI and sometimes i really want to be with a girl...i think women are beautiful and s** with girls is a completely different high then s** with guys..both are great but you can't get one with the other..

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