I was used by a young lady

This thing has always been in my heart but i did not know with whom to share .
it all all started when i was a young boy of around 7-8 yrs one one ocassion due to some family reason my parents had to go out for the night they asked my neighbour a mature lady at that time to keep me for the night sshe agreed to help my parents in need ,that lady had a young daughter which was around 17-18 yrs of age may be at that time after dinner when we were to go to sleep the daughter of that lady said :mom he can sleep with me, her mom had no problem as iwas of a very young age for her mouther to be suspicious or any thing like that while we laid together she started telling stories etc later in the night when i woke i found she had lowered my nickers and touching my genitals the whole night she kept doing so in the morning my parents came but i thought it was shameful to speak about it.after few days i was left by parents for the afternoon her mother was of for work on that day one small girl was also there of my age from our neighbour ,she said we will play hide and seek she asked that small girl to find both of us while we go for hide as the small girl went to give us time for hiding she took me to a store room and asked me hide below a bed she than came under it too and made me lie upon himself than she lowered my pants and lowered her panties too and tried to insert my p**** i still remember that since my p**** was small she used to pull it to to insert it deep it was very painful because she was showing no mercy in pulling my organ she just kept me lying in that positon for some time therafter i moved away as iwas not finding anything intersting in it but the story did not stop there whenevere she got a chance she did the same thing (at that time i did not used to e********)but it was very painful for me whenever she did that there was lot of pain in my p**** for many years it continued i was never able to say any thing to any body as i was ashamed to speak about it .today she lives happily married with kids but if someone did the same thing to his kids than only she will reaise the pain and trauma i have

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  • I understand

  • Ow, my d***

  • Ordem

  • I don't trust anyone.Even the people you think are trustworthy and upstanding citizens,can abuse and violate you.Sometimes those people m,are,l your own family.
    No one truly knows,a persons inner core and agenda's x
    Always be cautious with,who interacts with your children,if you have any.
    Anyone is capable of anything,if they have a sadistic inclination,to hurt others.

  • I am so sorry this happened to you!! i never trust any one with my kids unless they can be trusted 100% like my mother or my sister otherwise i would find a day care with a lot of kids where adults are supersived all the time... this is so sad, this is not shameful this is cruel and we should teach our children to tell us rightaway if anyone tries to hurt their privates! I hope she rots in h***

  • :( I'm so sorry, this really sucks.

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