Iwas drunk at a friends house. It was just me, her, and one other girl. I was pretty gone by the time we were going to sleep. But I got up once they fell asleep and went downstairs and cut myself. I got blood on her pillow and the shorts I borrowed from her. I know she knew because my wrist wasn't covered when she woke me up and it was too b***** NOT to notice. She didn't say a thing.

Aug 24, 2012

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  • Nobody ever asks questions, because they don't care. i've learned that the hard way, too.

    why did you cut yourself?

  • No one really cares. It's s***. I guess I cut because it's an ongoing addiction of mine. Plenty of self hatred and suicidal thoughts in this head of mine.

  • Cutting yourself is pointless. What does it do for you? You bleed.. Thats it.. Doesn't make your life better, doesn't make everyone not hate you. Don't cut youself. Find a hobby. Paint, write. Anything but cutting yourself.

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