My Friend

There's this guy and he wants to f*** me but we're only friends and I think I'm too young to have s** but I kinda want to. We've done s** text messages and even technically had phone s** and I m********* a lot thinking about him but I don't want a boyfriend and he wants to date me and it's weird.

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  • Either f*** him, or let him know he ain't hittin' that young puss. You said too young to date, but you are sexting this guy? How old are you?

  • I would join the Illuminati to win $10million or say even $50million or more in a lottery or several lotteries and I would be happy to blood sacrifice my cousins and all the people who bullied me no worries in return for fame and fortune and great health and a long life. for sure.

  • then stop leading him on u little c*** thing u will be cryin about how he raped u even tho u lead him on

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