Clogged the toilet

I clogged my toilet today. And I let my brother take the fall for it... My p*** was very dry, so it didn't dirty up the water or anything, so when I clogged it, I just left it and didn't try to unclog it (we don't have a plunger because we recently moved in). Later, my brother went in and used the bathroom (number 2, conveniently...), and of course, the toilet wouldn't flush. He thought he clogged the toilet and was panicking, since we both embarrass easily, and we had a 3rd roommate who hadn't come home yet, and he definitely didn't want him to know about this. He spent hours stressing out, trying to unclog the toilet. He even walked to a nearby hardware store and bought a new plunger. Eventually, it unclogged. But I just played along, pretending it was my brother who clogged it, even though it was me! I feel so bad! Especially for dumping so much stress and anxiety on him! But it's too late to confess to him that it was me, he'd rip me apart! Hopefully a long time into the future, this would make a funny story. Hopefully...

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  • way to go bro

    I hate you

    Im putting laxative in your cerial from now on , enjoy liquid bowels for the next month or so

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