IT REALLY HURTS... miss someone who told me things were still okay for a while and I tried to believe him but my gut said otherwise.

...that he ended our affair with few emotions but coolness and anger after an intense year and a half together

...that I don't think he's missing me like I'm missing him. miss someone who could change on me like he did...which makes me wonder why I should miss him at all.

...that I don't know WHEN I'm going to STOP missing him.

...that I went from being someone he talked with every day, to someone he won't give the time of day. miss something you know you won't ever get back and you can remember vividly when things were clearly wonderful think he may be with someone else already and it's making it easier to forget me. (THIS IS THE WORST) think that I won't ever get to see or touch or hear his sexy voice again. think I could drive out to see him if I only had the guts but would it even make a difference now ?

I hate my life.

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  • I'm sorry

  • I'm not, and neither is OP. She had way too much fun making a big dramatic list like some retarded late-night show host

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