I see things at night, I see distorted figures lurking in the dark. This causes insomnia for me.
I have seen these things since a young age when I learnt about the "monsters under the bed" i grew out of it for a while but it's all come back and this is the 3rd year seeing these things.

Its keeping me up and everything!
I may seem like a tough girl on the outside, but inside i'm as scared as a mouse when it comes to nighttime.

I HATE seeing things on the edge of my bed. right now, i can see a goblin of some sort, its green and evil-looking. I can feel terror strike up my back and i'm scared.

Worst part is; i'm 16 in a few months and i'm scared of the dark :/


Jan 23, 2012

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  • Don't think about it, just keep telling yourself it's just your imagination and these creatures don't exist and have never existed. It's all in your head.

  • ok first ever since the website changed at the place where you comment i have not been able to submit or comment i have only been abl to reply...2nd,i am the same way but i think it is because what you watch like i love watching ''The Dead Files'' and usually at the end they sketch what the girl saw(you have to watch to understand)and i can never get the drawing out of my head and it is almost always disturbing as F***!!so if you watch creepy stuff like that try not to for awhile then see...idk... it is not as much the thing i am seeing like you are it is the idea of being in the dark and seeing it because you cant see s***. p.s. i am 15 also and i am a guy do not feel alone here i am sure there others too. i hope what i said helps. :)

  • I have been afraid of the dark for a long time. I am 21 and I see things in the dark that others cannot. It drives me crazy to be afraid of things that may not be there. I have seen many of your "goblins" and I have also see other things. I would love to tell you that it gets better, but alas, it does not. I tried using a night light and taking sedatives and that seems to take the edge off a few times a week.

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