I have recently left home... twice, most people will ask how is that possible but trust me it is, and it is so hard that somedays it feels like i have nothing left inside me that i left everything behind each time... first time i left my dads because he was an abusive f*** head who just wanted to control every aspect of my life, he even ruined every single chance of me having a relationship with my mother, so i left, and travelled across the country to live with my mother after 1 week of knowing her, since getting here its been tough, had to confront my old life, and had to avoid as much drama as possible, but i sought refugue in telling my best friend everything... and that affected her, but one day she had reached her limit and blew... she stabbed me so hard in the back i didnt think i wanted to see her ever again... in all my anger i noticed recently how selfish i have been, i didnt ask how she was going it was always about me... SIOBHAN im sorry please forgive me...

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