I let it happen

I let it happen I keep thinking about what if I didn't go out in the first place then this wouldn't have happened what's done is done and nothing can turn back time to erase what happened I just got to be honest with myself accept what happened and move on and be happy and keep smiling with no regrets and no guilt only time will heal all things

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  • Recently I experienced a relative doing that scam on everyone, she was at a reunion of her old workplace and they were all making fun of someone they used to work with who drank like a pig and was pregnant again. Did she workout they were talking about her? I knew she would be pregnant soon to this new man to hold on to him. Well it does hurt seeing others getting all you need when its just a want for them-beware the mummy hustler is upsetting. they don't need it that is why they get it. where as the person who needs it to sustain life, it will always move away from you. So I notice a lot of my family and friends lying to make it sound like they don't need they just want. they will say "Oh I don't need a man" "I hate my kids I hate parenthood" then next month they are with a new man and pregnant. so I am learning. I am waking up to others games. I should try it. I have needs like any human and wants. I live ok with out a man and kids but I am sickened by two faced liars who are a hustler. I am saying "I thought you just said YOU DON'T NEED A MAN FOR ANYTHING A NOW YOUR WITH A NEW MAN AFTER LEAVING YOUR EX JUST A WEEK AGO AND PREGNANT PLANNING A NEW BABY AND YOU SAID YOU DON'T LIKE MOTHERHOOD OR THE IDEA OF ANOTHER BABY" LIKE ARE YOU SCHIZOPHRENIC? OR YOU JUST ALWAYS DO THIS CHANGE YOUR MIND LIKE A FIRE BALL RUNNING ? CUZ YOUR ALWAYS SO OUT OF CONTROL.

  • I have come across a lot of women like this. They seem to hone into my own energy and what I see is like a synchronicity and they break it down with NLP and their ability to steal your needs and wants and energy and synchronicity. For example I went to a party plan cosmetics company and this bossy pushy bullying manager just started picking on every aspect of my disability to cut me down to the point she near gave me a heart attack hurting my feelings. I had to say to her "how you run your business is your business and how I will run my business is my business stop constantly picking on me about giving up my drivers licence because I take medications etc" . From night one I should have seen the the warning signs because she turned to me at a meeting and it was like "well who needs a man anyway, catherine. The women all say at the company here that they have to check out my next man first to see if he is right for me" and straight away I was thinking "well, excuse me ! but speak for yourself only! I happen to need a man and want a man in my life thanks" and "I sure don't need people checking them out for me controlling me" then by week 3 of the meeting she was loudly letting every one know at the meeting she had not had s** in ages but I knew she had been married 3 times and had 2 adult children from 1 marriage and then 1 smaller child she neglected to work to another man and then they broke up and I woke up she was a serial d*** chic. and maybe a love or bride addict.

    I hate to be judgmental of others because we are all human and we all have oddities and change our minds and I hear this about the right person comes along when you least expect it and when you are not even looking, but I feel so confused about this and the messages from other women to the point I just don't trust most other women anymore.

  • Can you please help or explain some of this as to how to sheild yourself when your vulnerable from hustler mothers and wild women who are out of control but out to take from you.
    what is more. I don't envy these women although I think they want me to envy them but to be honest I see them as pathetic and childish.

    One female who wanted to show off that she had stolen the guy I liked actually came to live in my street and showed off having s** and pool parties with him and she was from overseas and it was a direct "s*** on my face" act as look at me I can walk over you, when you get as powerful as me then you can do this to some other girl but your such a loser and too dumb nice to so I guess your stuck in your lost crap.

    that was the finish for me that this couple would be so blatant and rude. and I hope more then karma come back them for bullying me like that, and it should because they are somewhat famous and just about to get married and she is part black and marrying a white man.

    How do you rise above this stuff. cuz its there crap not mine. how do I stop this happening ever again. Their energy appears draining and black and negative. she even said "I am getting more light now while you are getting darker in spirit" "I made you black when you are white" what does this mean? one other girl said she was going to marry a guy on my birthday and she was calling herself my evil twin which seemed odd to me.

  • The fat acceptance movement is not a fun or sensible thing to shoving down our throats. if the food isn't good then the fat love movement isn't good with getting off our fat ass to get healthier. sick of people expecting me to like being fat when I just don't and never will. I don't feel good or healthy. I don't like my what I see and nor do others who are honest.

  • What happened? Please write in details.

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