I do stupid things for attention

I have stolen I have failed 5 classes I have gotten into fights I have gotten so close to stright A's and the only thing my dad says is oh cool. He doesn't care I feel like he doesn't love me!! I have recently cleared all the weeds out if you back yard which is about an arcer and he just nods lime I could have done that. I rode horses for about 3 years and he has only seen me ride one time and said I could have done that: that horse tryed to throw me off 10 different times I never got off I took control over it and stayed on!!! He just acts like I am not there half the time! I moved out here because my mom kicked me out and she is literaly crazy! He isn't to much better. Ugh

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  • He may be out of touch with his emotions because his dad was cold etc etc. Otherwise he may be so insecure that he constantly compares himself to you and says he could have done that. Your life is about you!! Find another parent figure that can give you healthy affirmation for all the amazing things you've done. And pity your dad, maybe some day you'll be able to help him but don't let him drag you down or into trouble.

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