My would-be girlfriend,whom i can't seem to ask out

I have someone,only about a few months younger than me that i am madly in love with.she used to be my best friend, but its been about 10 months since i last seen her.she always smelled slightly like shampoo, and i have gotten into the habit of rubbing my hair with my hand and smelling it to get that scent again.i also cant stop thinking about her.i will sometimes go into a trance - like state in the middle of class thinking about her.i came close to asking her out once but got distracted.anyone got any ideas how i can contact her if we live in completely different counties?Also,her name is Callie Cagle,she is twelve,and lives in the boone ville m.s. area,if you have any info on how she is doing i would be happy if you would post it for name is jon lambert i am 13 ½ so , callie i know you're probably not reading this,but if you are know that what i said is true.

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  • Allow me to correct my last statement:she lives in the prentiss county area.Please comment info on how to contact someone if they live in a different county and like i said any info on her would be simply delightful!

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