Tough life

There's a few things I have to get off my chest.
It all started around the age of 7, when my mother would allow me to drink beer. Me and my cousin would get drunk, go in the room and "touch each other" Then when I got a little bit older we started doing it again only this time having intercourse. When I was around 13 I feel in love with this 20 year old guy, who I couldn't seem to make love me back. So as a young teenager I thought s** would be the answer. We had s** multiple times and he done some pretty mean things to me, such as being very rough when I told him I was a virgin, shoving his p**** down my throat and spraying his bodily fluids all over my face. 2 years later I finally recovered from that mistake to find myself with boyfriend #2. Everything was perfect just how i wanted it to be. Then I found out I was pregnant. He moved across the country and wanted nothing to do with me. I wouldn't dare to tell my mom. Anyway I ended up having a miscariage. To this day, nobody knows about that. Then when I was ready to move on again I hated my life so bad I got very wild. I slept with 20+ guys from sept-feb. I was on the road to recovery and I met a guy, a nice guy. We were together for 2 months when I found out he was cheating on me. depression arouse again. determined not to fall in love again I stumbled across a guy one day. He was perfect. & he still is. We have been through a lot together. 1 abortion (not my choice but was forced to because of my medication) 1. huge lie. 1.cheater(that was me with boyfriend #1..HUGE mistake. As of right now I'm on anti depressants to help make myself better. And me and my boyfriend are still together celebrating our 2 year! IloveyouAforever!


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  • You should learn from your past mistakes and stop doing them. Don't choose losers as boyfriends, only pick the ones who are worth it.

  • thats very good, i hope you keep doing better.

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