19 year old virgin

I'm 19 years old and still a virgin. and i'm not a virgin because i've never dated or that i'm not attractive. i am pretty hot and can get a date without much effort...i'm a virgin purely by choice. but everyone has it in their head that i have had a lot of s** by just looking at my body. i can't help it that i'm well endowed. i was initially happy about having a nice body, but now its getting so annoying with the ideas people have of me. i have gotten physically intimate with few of my boyfriends but always held back from s**. and with almost all my friends being non virgins and enjoying s**, its soooo effing difficult to control my urge to have s**. i'm easily turned on and m********* quite a bit, and stopping before s** is excruciatingly difficult. i dont know why i beat myself up so much about it and put such a huge value on s**. it's infuriating to have guys think i've banged guys real good...when i really haven't!

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  • I am a 19 yr old virgin male. I am saving myself for marriage. I am proud of it. Congratulations on making it this far. You might as well save yourself too.

  • Ask yourself this question.

    "Why did I decide to stay a virgin?"

    When you answer that I am betting it's gonna be something like "It's something *I* felt deeply about".

    Excellent! So what the F*** does it matter what anybody else thinks?

    Now, ask yourself this: "Are you happy with yourself and your choices?"

    If your answer is Yes then FANTASTIC! You go!!! But if it's "no." then you need to decide whether you are unhappy with yourself because of others perceptions of you or are you ready to make a fundamental change in yourself?

    If it's time for YOU to make a change then fine. Do it!

    Somehow though I think you are just p***** that others can't accept your decision to remain a virgin and pat you on the back for it. Well, honey, if you are looking for others acceptance then you will ALWAYS be disappointing because once you do go out and give in to the perceptions of others the OTHER side of the street will rise up and call you a s***!

    This ain't Burger King honey. The only time you get it YOUR way is when YOU decide for YOU and f*** the rest of the world!

  • I love your input. Very well said. I agree totally. 15apr2012

  • I will have s** with You

  • s** is nothing else but natural. people say you can do what ever you want, but you do not "have to".

  • hay..... THN DNT CNTRL YAR.....!

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