2 Girls.. now what?

So I know these two girls, girl-1 and girl-2, and they know each other.

I hook up with girl-1 sometime but she really is into someone else. Since I was starting to like her so much, I moved away a little bit. She also know that girl-2 was into me.

After a couple of months I got out with girl-2. I don't like her as much as girl-1, but I do care about her. She, on the other hand, seems to like me very much. I said she couldn't build much expectations on me, sha said ok, but we continue to see each other.

Now girl-1 shows up, saying she wants me even if I'm with girl-2(since we're not dating).
Girl-1 has a boyfriend(not the guy she loves) but is breaking up, and she said me that if the guy shes into doesn't really want her, she'll come after me.

My biggest concerns are:
- They know each other and girl-2 doesn't know I used to hang out with girl-1.

- I was starting to like girl-1 when we're together, and apparently she just wants s** :) I guess I can managed that.. or maybe not.

-since they know each other, aren't they just messing with me?

what would you do in my place?

Feb 2, 2012

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  • i would stay wit girl 2 cuz if girl 1 really luved she would have chosen you instead of her boyfriend

  • RUN THE OTHER WAY!!! don't fall into girls traps :)

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