Buddies With Benefits

My buddy and I are roommates and we figured out a way to release sexual tension when we don't have girlfriends to play with. We're not gay or anything like that but we do each other when we don't have girlfriends. It's a nice substitute. No high maintenance crap. No expensive flowers needed to get a little somethin' somethin,' and no need to do the dating thing to get down to business. It's a sweet setup. More straight guys should try this to fill the gaps between girlfriends. It's a little bros before hoes with benefits.

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  • If your p**** gets hard thinking of doing your "buddy" then you are gay. If you two get aroused by the thoughts of being with each other you are gay.

  • OK. I'm an OLD FART..... Probably your grandfather's generation. I've watched the Social Engineers work this bullshit re-definition of the English language all my life and this is what it's come to.

    "It's not gay"..... What tyhe f*** a******.... It's HOMOSEXUAL S** pure and simple. In prison it's homosexual. At home it's homosexual. I don't care if you were doing it on the gay liberation door step and they were there hearlding your "bro's befo Ho's" bullshit..... it's STILL HOMOSEXUAL! So don't try to convince me that just because some f****** social engineer decided to redefine the term "gay" so you f** leaning fools could have less social stigma from buttfucking each other.

    Now, if you want to have s** with a man.... and just say so.... that's f****** FINE. Do it and be honest with yourself about it. You ain't lying to me or anybody else with half a honest mind!

    Now, if you are afraid of being called GAY because you see the label as used to garner some sort of special privilege then I am gonna call you MATURE and RIGHT THINKING!

    But if you are going to try to convince me that the redefinition of the terms Gay and Homosexual don't really mean what you are doing then go p*** down somebody else's back and tell THEM it's raining. I ain't buying it!

  • Dear Old Fart,

    I know you really need your labels to feel comfortable in a world that went on changing without you and left you behind. This all must be very confusing to you I'm sure. Now I know you can't understand what I'm about to say, and that is fine, just ignore it. It isn't meant for you anyway. It is meant for the original poster who needs to know just how irrelevant and block-headed people like you are. After all, if they listened to you, they would only be more confused.

    Old man, you don't get it. You probably got very angry with yourself for looking at a guys p**** in the locker room when you were 15. H*** it was the Depression, and good p**** was scarce just like everything else in your day. Don't beat yourself up over it. Gay is gay, straight is straight, according to your generation, and you hate that you had that thought. I'm genuinely sorry for you cause codger, you missed out on some fun.

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little sexual release between two people who see it that way and agree it isn't anything more. Calling someone gay just because it's more fun to get off with another man than by yourself is really REALLY short-sighted. Furthermore it is an insult to those who truly are homosexual and have true loving and emotional connections with their same-s** partners.

    You go around calling every man who has ever had a homosexual thought or experimented gay, and you've called pretty much the entire male gender gay. Get over yourself old man, no one thinks you want to marry a dude.

  • You should enlist more of your buddies into this. Imagine the c********** parties you could have and it would be more bang for the butt, so to speak.

  • C'mon! This ain't gay! You got to believe me. Let me explain it another way. This is like "prison rules."

    You take a macho gangster and he goes to jail. He has no poontang there so he screws guys in their butts to relieve his sexual tension in the joint. He's by no means gay. He's just making do with the buttocks he has at hand. When he gets out of jail he leaves the guy's a**** behind and gets back to the poontang.

    It's the same with us. We're operating under "prison rules" and we are no more gay then those macho gangsters who do casual ass f****** in the joint until they get out and can get back down with the ladies.

    And like those bad ass gangsters, we don't suck d***. That's gay s***.

    Besides, if your buddy with benefits has a nice ass and you close your eyes while you are doing him, it's just like doing a lady. No lie.

  • Here are the tags to your post: Brother, Date, Men, Gay..sorry, have to laugh.

    Dude, justify it all you want. You may not be gay as in that you are only attracted to men. But having s** with your male friend is having gay s** and you're not in prison. It's fine to experiment, just be safe. You may not be "gay", but maybe your roommate is...Who's idea was this anyway?

  • If you're afraid of being called gay that's fine. But you are engaging in gay acts. Also, why not suck each other off? Do you see it as some line you don't want to cross. Well, there are no lines left for you, buddy. Once that c*** went inside that ass you were all in. Come on, get that d*** in your mouth. That feeling of a big load shooting into your mouth is very yummy.

  • Just because he enjoys putting his p**** inside another man's ass doesn't mean he's gay. You probably think men who swallow other men's s**** are gay? lol They're just doing 'bros before hoes yo'. Nothing gay about that.

  • No. No. You got it all wrong. We're not gay or bi. It's the any port in a storm thing. Why be high and dry when you can make due with a buddy? I mean what are friends for? Once we get girlfriends we usually stop s******* around with each other. You got to understand this is not a gay thing. We don't suck each others' c****. We just do some back door action. I mean c'mon! Big, badass prisoners do that so it doesn't mean it's gay. It's the any port in a storm for them to. Kapish?

  • Dude I got a bro and we do that stuff too. We're both very straight. We check out females and bang them when we get the chance. Females are way more attractive than males. But h***, a warm place to get off is better than your hand so we don't mind doing each other a favor from time to time. A few of our other friends know they do it and they like to label it. In all reality I know they just wish they weren't too chicken s*** and afraid to do it too. H*** one of the ones who was the most against it asked me in secret if I would suck his d*** haha. Poor sap.

  • Part-time homosexuality. Not for me.

  • Hahahaaaaaa. Perfect reply.

  • You're gay

  • "We're not gay"..okay then you're bi...

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