Losing It

I had an abortion two days ago. I lost a baby that would have been beautiful and loved by me. It was six weeks old. My boyfriend and I are serious, but he wasn't "ready". I'm left to wonder if he'll ever be ready, if I'm going to end up losing two beautiful things. I feel terribly empty.

Feb 4, 2012

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  • At least it was black

  • Six weeks is not a baby, it's a late period. Try again, bible beater. Work on sounding like an actual girl next time, too!

  • Please let this be a lesson to you to take responsibility BEFORE the fact and not after. You have learned a very hard lesson here dear. And you let the guy get off completely free. I would put a $100 bet on the fact that your "boyfriend" will do this again and again. It doesn't matter. You have to move forward. Just don't let it happen again to you. What is done is done. Trust that everything happens for a reason and that God is GOOD so all God's reasons are therefore good too.

  • sad that u had a aborty, but try birth control. Don't let that guy be a b****. He won't be with you forever.

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