Faith isn't my strong suit.

As a priest of a different religion, I've found that I am of waning faith in my relationship, but my faith in the gods is even stronger. Even as I delve deeper into my relationship, I still look at very beautiful women and almost lose control and think upon what it might be like to whist myself away from my boyfriend. My religion doesn't have anything against homosexuality, so the gay part of it isn't the issue, no matter if you think I'm male or female. Instead, it's that I am easily tempted by those beautiful women that I commend so much. I'm not taken aback by the merely pretty ones, I'm taken by the ones who possess greater beauty and seem to have a greater level of perception and character. My boyfriend has no inkling of a clue that this is happening, but I don't want to make him feel bad. I love him dearly, but I, being so greedy and lustful, seem to be unable to help myself from gazing at these great women.

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