Mother in law

I'm going on a cruise with my wife and Inlaws. My mother in law is a beautiful women in her 50's with blonde hair, a great rack, and wide hips. I know she has been neglected by my father in law due to health issues. I'm going to try my best to give her the pleasure she deserves on this vacation. I really want to give her a good pounding from behind and fill her p**** with my c**. She always hugs me and presses those beautiful b****** into me. I want to give her all that she deserves.

Apr 1, 2019

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  • I'm guessing that you are full of s***, but if you ever do get the chance to f*** your mother inlaw it will stress you the f*** out. My wife went on a trip for work, so her mom came over and we went to the bar. We ended up getting hammered. We got back to her house and I was trying to help her get into bed when she kissed me. In my drunk and h**** state, and not thinking at all, we stripped our clothes off and f***** like wild animals. She got up on her hands and knees. I got behind her and f***** her doggy style while smacking the s*** out of her ass. The harder I smacked her ass, the dirtier she got. She kept begging me to smack her ass harder and harder until her ass was bright red. We passed out in the bed together and woke up the next morning with a WHAT THE F*** DID WE JUST DO look on our face. We told each other that it was a mistake and we could never do it again or tell my wife. I hope my mother inlaw keeps her mouth shut.

  • I hope you two got together again! :)

  • Punch her in the face and rape her!

  • Uncool. :(

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