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I have been abused from age 2-18 I was recently Adopted by a 48 year old female. I am a female age 18. I was never really "touched" in a nice way. What are some things me and my new mom can do to form a bond. And what can she do to comfort me? I'll take answers from anyone please!

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  • Just take the relationship as slow as you can, and do what feels safe to you.
    Talk with her as best you can;
    I hope this helps.

  • Your new mom may be over-compensating by keeping her distance from you. If you can find it within yourself to discuss what happened and let her know that your need for affection is still intact, it might help. Keep in mind that it might take time.

  • I don't live with her, I wish I did. I would probably get more cuddles if I did though.

  • I'm the girl who was also sexual abused who commented on your other confession. Just please tell us something, is your other mother in jail for what she did? I really hope so :( I hope she's paying for it.. How can people do this to kids?

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