Taking the Pain for my Brother

I'm not a virgin. I didn't loose it willingly though, I was raped. He goes to my school. and he has done it more than 4 times. he will pull me away and shove something in my mouth to block out my screaming. He tells me that i like this and I'm lucky to get him. I hate it though. I feel so dirty, he beats me too. I have so many scars on me and i have to wear long sleeves and baggy clothes. I limp sometimes. and ditch my PE class cause he is in that class. I loves my legs he says but there are so many scars and bruises on them. I am so so so very scared. he says if i tell anyone he will hurt my 4 year old brother. I can't have that happen. not when I'm the person who is raising him since my mom is a druggie and a drunk and my dad walked out on us. Im his mommy. thats what he calls me. the looks at our mom and calls he sam. thats her name Samantha. She is not his mom. I am and i will always be. She is just a stranger living with us. He is what keeps me going. He tells me I'm beautiful. I'm his beautiful mommy who just happens to get hurt a lot.A mommy with scars


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  • I am so sorry to know that you were raped so young. yes dont be scared. ThE monster has to be scared of you. He is a coward. I dont think he is brave another to hurt your brother and anyway if he is going to hurt your brother and after he has to kill you as well which is not realistic. Just ask social servises to take care of your brother for the time been and go to the police. he must be arrested asap. and afterwards if you can just move from the town where you live.

  • There are people you can call for help. I suggest getting police involved. Get a restraining order against that guy. Otherwise the abuse will never end. Take control of your life. You can do it.

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