Will it ever end?

I have had it being a step mom to a intellectually disabled child. I didn't sign up for this s***, nor did I know when I got with my husband. He's literally been dropped in my lap because his mother took off. If someone says I'm his new mommy now I'm going to lose my s***. I have no patience for him even though I'm trying my best. He is five with the mentality of a one year old. And my husband and his family can kiss my ass telling me I'm responsible for him, and when brought up that I need a break I was informed I'm not deserving of a break. All this has me contemplating divorce. I don't want this life, I don't want to raise a special needs child. Some people are cut out for it, others are not and in all honesty I am not. I wish every day that his mom will show up and take him back. This is ruining my life. I can't even work because I have to be at home with him constantly!!! Ahhhhhh! And another thing I am so f****** disgusted with changing his S***** ass diapers. I can't stand it I just want to run the f*** away and never come back.

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  • Get the pillow ready. No one would fault you.

  • Time to divorce your man. Seek legal advice without your husband knowing.
    In the meantime, ensure you have your finances in check and in your name.
    Set up a bank account in your name only, if you haven't already. Some couples have joint bank accounts, thats why I stated this.

    Ensure you have temp accommodation with family or friends, that your husband wouldn't know. Pack your essentials without your husband's knowledge, leave your toothbrush and anything you can easily replace. Do this without his knowledge. Then once you've got everything in order, tell a relative what you intend to do and have them with you as support, when you decide to tell your husband.

    Ensure you've already set everything in motion, beforehand. So all you have to do, is tell your husband it's over and then leave without any baggage.

    You didn't marry your husband to take care of a child his mother doesn't want, because of his disabilities'. If you was getting support from your husband to take care of him, that would be great. But as it stands, it appears you aren't getting any support at all and your husband appears unappreciative of what you do, for HIS disabled child.

    Good job you didn't conceive any children together, but that would've made the process difficult. It's a clean sweep decision, without anything holding you back, besides the love you feel for your husband.

    Ps ensure you have a job as well before you leave him, if you don't have one already. You want to ensure you can financially support yourself as soon as you leave him.

    Good luck

  • Great advice in an unfortunate dilemma

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