I'm Not The Goody Goody Guy I Seem To Be

I'm 19 and I go to church, teach Sunday School, and sing on the church choir. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, and my father's a minister. I look like a goody goody guy who would never do anything wrong. I get great grades in college and behave myself. Parents of my friends think I'm the perfect person because I'm so polite. I got one problem though. I'm easy with women, and somehow they can tell. When I go out on dates, before the night ends my dates usually starts touching me inappropriately. Problem is I like it and can't stop them.

Worse than that, I'm afraid the word has gotten out. Many women my age and older ask me out ... but the dates always end with them making me have s**. I should have the willpower to just say no and drive them home. I don't though. They start talking sexy to me and before I know it they're giving me directions to a place to park my car so they can start making their moves on me. I'm not proud of this. In fact I'm ashamed and feel God will punish me for being so easy. Every time I have one of these incidents, I vow I'll never give in again. And, then I get too weak to keep my vow and I'm in the front or back seat of my car with some date all over me.

My Christian friend Larry says I should read the Bible more to get the demons of l*** out of me. So far it's not working.

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  • dude i might be an athiast n all but if god waz real n since y believe in him thn thnk about y hez sendin u all these woman to u....

    i may be an athiast but take mah word for it.... u r one lucky man

  • I want you, you hot 19 year old. F*** me next. Nothing hotter than a good boy who can't help being bad.

  • Demons of l***. Well, I guess that's one way of putting it. I deep in my heart believe in ultimate good and ultimate evil. I an a deep believer in God and Christ who is my Savior. However.... I ain't buying your OR Larry's diagnosis.

    You are a hypocrite. That simple. You are not a true Christian and you have not come to the Lord at all. If you had, you would not be doing what you are doing.

    It's OK though because God still loves you and Christ died for your sins so you can get into heaven. Think about that next time you are partying it up. Might help you make better decisions.

  • I am no Christian, but if I was I would say that God is sending you some incredibly hot p****, man up and f*** the s*** out of it. Treat those women like nasty little Mary whores they are. Dump your hot load in their mouth and make them crave you. F*** that p**** like you own it, when a man takes my ass, I want to know a man is taking it, no femme p**** church boy.....these women smell your salty c** and they hunger for, so unless your a f** like me, stop the teen age crap and get some P**** and say thanks to god that church has at least one thing going for it!

  • Thanks. I needed that. I was like a wimp crying over my God given good fortune. I'm going to forget the teen age crap and enjoy the p****.

  • Bullshit

  • You still believe in God right? Then you're fine. I'm not the one to judge, and I'm not saying what you're doing is right, but you're not going to h***. Your body's just your body, dude. If God wanted that, he'd take that when you die, too. But he doesn't. You want pleasure - maybe even just to make these women feel pleasure. That rocks. God's big enough to know you don't mean any disrespect to these women. People can disagree with me all they want, but I think you're doing fine. If it gets to be too much, reevaluate your willpower. You can only do so much as a human man with a human body.

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