I dont like my engagmente ring

That i don't like my engagement ring :(

I've never been a materialistic girl or at least that's what i thought. Ive always enjoyed and treasure the simple things in life and i feel really silly and ungrateful to be confessing this.

I'm 27 years old almost 28 and when i was around 22 (i don't exactly remember) my bf and i were so excited to get married. So of course we looked at rings together and places where we would dream of getting married. He bought the ring and well we had some issues and i guess he decided it wasnt gonna happend any time soon.
Last Novemmber though after having our ups and downs in the relationship he decided to propose to me and BIG SURPRISE : i didnt like my engagement ring!!! He had told me before he had had the ring all these years and u could imagine how i always waited for that special moment to actually happend. I dont know if im just being a b**** or what but when he proposed we were going through a good phase after having a really really bad one so i was still rethinking everything.
So besides having all that in my mind, he proposed when i least expected it and i didnt like the ring!!! It wasnt me at all! The worst thing is that he told me he got me that particular shape because once i said that shape would make my fingers look thinner. I think i said that back when i was 21. So how can i tell him anything after he said that. He always catches me staring at the ring and i think he just thinks im in love with it.
I dont know, i feel weird wearing it. Cause its not perfect. Im not complaning about the size or anything like that. It just wasnt the perfect ring for me i guess.


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  • Give it away then and buy yourself a better one

  • Get a divorce.

  • No you shouldn't say anything

  • Get over yourself and accept the gift.

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