For a few years ive always felt special. i dont know exactly how to describe it but ive always felt like im different then anyone else and my mind just works different. its like sometimes im me and sometimes im not me? some days im just my usual self but there are those moments where im someone completely different. my childhood wasnt exactly the best (mum left us, bad relationship with my dad, sorta bad relationship with my sister) but everythings slowly gotten to a somewhat stable place. ever since i was little i always just felt so different and such an outcast. i never want to tell anyone because im afraid of being laughed at. for example (going along with the 'my mind works different') sometimes i feel like im so powerful. it makes no sense and it sounds ridiculous but i feel like im not exactly a human. like ,,, somethings different and im not like anyone else. everyones always told me my personality is very different and unlike anyone elses but i feel like theres something more to it. some days i cry so much i cant breathe because im tired of feeling special when i know im nothing and everyone would be better off without me probably. sometimes i wish i wasnt here nd i feel deep down i dont belong here. but idk!

Aug 2, 2020

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  • Yes, you think you're special, you and every single other person your age. Welcome to the real world, where you are not applauded for existing every 20 seconds. When your thin film of self-delusion breaks, you'll probably scream to the world that you want to start cutting. Don't waste time screaming about it and go for the jugular.

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