I hate having so much love to give yet no one to share it with.

I'm a tall and attractive 33 year old guy with all the traits that girls seem to look for in a partner. I've kind of been aching through the past few years becoming more and more lonely. People enjoy my company, and I have a positive energy but it's getting harder to maintain :) People may read this and think, gee why dont you go out or something. That's just not it..

I feel like half of me is missing, I have such a gentle and soft nature, I have it in me to take care of and protect and adore a girl. For some reason it just doesn't happen.

I'm 6'5 educated, cute, funny and loving.. It's really starting to worry me that I may be alone for the rest of my life :(

Not meant to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself.. But I just want to be in love, everyone deserves to be

Feb 8, 2012

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  • bro, i feel your pain. even though i am 13, i know exactly where you are coming from. you deserve love. i think i know someone your age that is single. she lives in chicago. idk where you are ftom. hang in there dude

  • You should put an email address here. Make one up that you won't use for anything else. Maybe you'd hear from someone wonderful. You sound like a great guy. Best wishes.

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