Depressed on life in general

I moved into a women's group home in January, after spending 30 days in a psychiatric hospital. I have been feeling fine with things for awhile, but now I feel like my real life is officially done. This is the way my life will be, for now on. I won't ever find love again in the real world, and Valentine's Day is going to remind me of this.

I role play in MMORPGs and other games and such, sometimes in messengers with other people. So while my internet life is romantic and exciting, well... It's all I have to look forward to. I at least wanted someone special on the game to spend time with me on Valentine's, but unfortunately my character's in-character boyfriend will be missing in action for awhile.

So, in both my lives, I feel alone. Happy F****** Valentine's.

Feb 11, 2012

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