I want my husband to play

My husband has ED. I did without s** for 2 years, but then we had the conversation and came to an agreement where I could go out and find relief outside our marriage. I know that a lot of people have done / have this arrangement. It wasn't easy, first I love my husband, then there are feelings of regret, guilt, and just plain hard to meet discreet people.
Now that I've been at it for awhile and funny how I adjusted to it, I really enjoy myself. We hadn't done anything kinky, I have my dates away from home. Two months I came home and well had oral s** with hubby after s** with no condom and it made me extremely excited.
Now I'd like to bring him along and watch him give head to my lover. I don't know how to ask him, but this fantasy has been stuck in my mind for awhile.

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  • How does a guy deal with his wife's father telling him he is bisexual and will happily suck his d*** if he wants to? The wife apparently does not even know although it seems her Mom does.
    Weird and not my thing but he keeps dropping hints, I am about to drop him if it doesn't stop.

  • Better keep that part of your life secret....hubby just wants a happy wife....that's all.

  • Honest and straight forward. i admire you

  • Just ask him how he feels about the idea.

  • 2 years? I've suffered with ED for the last 26 years.
    It's no fun.

  • Just ask him he might love it and maybe he secretly wants to do it. He all ready knows you f*** others and ate your creampie so bet he's up for it.

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