The other room

Went down to visit a female friend in Montana. I knew she was with another guy and I also knew she had a crush on me. We all went on a night out. He's a really nice guy and I got on well with him.

At about 6am she woke me up while her boyfriend was sleeping and started feeding me alcohol. We kissed. I knew it was wrong but did it anyway.

It probably would have gone further but I had to get up to throw up and smoke a cigarette. It was messy and it was an a****** thing to do. I feel bad for the guy.

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  • Had a similar thing with my ex wife's friend/coworker. She and I had a hate-love (not the other way around) thing going on. She was a tremendous b****, but..Fit, hot, and sexy as h***. "Issy" was no fan of mine for whatever reasons my crazy ex wife told her, and, due to her pure b**** attitude and ease with swaying my then-wife to do anything, I was no fan of hers, other than eyeing up her every morning when she came to pick my wife up for work.

    Issy had a gathering at her house, and, we attended. With my wife in the garage, smoking, Issy pulled me into a downstairs guest bedroom, attached herself to me, and we went at it. I still hated who she was, and, no doubt, she hated who I was, but...The physical, sexual attraction was undeniable.

    We had ourselves a "quickie" for about ten minutes, put ourselves back together, and rejoined the gathering. No one knew a thing. I still couldn't stand Issy, but, also knew..Physically, this would happen again.

  • Doesn't it ever occur to people that maybe monogamy isn't as natural as our society makes it out to be? I understand that for some people it works great and they can live their lives happy with whatever their situation might be. I also believe that more than half of those people that claim monogamy works for them are either lying or suppressing feelings of sexual attraction towards others. What I always say is that if you are going to get married, you'd better make damn sure it's to somebody that you can have honest conversations with, that aren't jealous and is your best friend. Otherwise, look forward to a lifetime of misery.

    As for the guy who wrote this confession, jeez dude. Get over it. You didn't betray anybody. She did.

  • I would have been all over that.

  • Damn! You must be gay. You should have done her.

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