Help me!!

Okay so inside I know that I'm a bi, but I haven't told anyone yet. Well i have this friend and she's a lesbian. Shes not like a best friend but we do talk a lot but only in class other then that we don't talk at all. We I have a freakin crush on her and I don't know what to do! She used to date this girl an he told me all about them but now their not together cause she got cheated on and they broke up. Well now their working on ther relationship and they do everything as a couple but she sad their not together. I just wanna be with her sooo bad! like wtf does the other girl have, she cheated on her for gods sake! & idk if as likes me or not because she's kind of flirts with me but idk if she really means to flirt or it's just all in my head. I flirt back too, every time she turns around in class to look at me I can't help it but look at her face and smile and she always says "what?" but I'll just laugh and say nothing. And whenever she asks me to do something for her I do it! She asks for something I get it! Why do I do that I don't s*** for other people?! I just don't know if she likes me to or not because she always talks about her ex gf & how happy they are. But when she p***** her off she tells me all about it and what happened. Even when their not fighting she'll tell me what they did and stuff like that, I can't stand it! I think it's my fault to because I'm always like "ohh you love her, why don't you just get back together" I really don't know why I courage it but i do.... Well all I wanna know is what should I do? I don't wanna tell her and she tells everyone about me and people start acting weird with me. WHAT DO I DO?

Feb 20, 2012

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  • 1 dude seriously grow some v***** and ask her out and 2a good for you 2b bounce back

  • Not really^^

  • Bi= you will f*** anything that moves!

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