What should I do?

I like this guy........how should I tell him or show him I do.....we don't talk much but he has cute eyes and the most remarkable smile! I text his friend all the time(I will NEVER like that friend) and that guy and him probably already know no matter I tell them. It scares me to find out if he likes me back.....he might not. 3 of my friends think we would look good together. My best friend might like him though. She won't even tell me who she likes...she always says "nobody" sometimes with a straight face and sometimes with a nervous look....help!

Feb 20, 2012

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  • "I TEXT HIS FRIEND,I WILL NEVER LIKE HIS FRIEND"WHAT A W**** u r usig his friend even tho u dont like him.u ever think he might like u?no,u dont give a s*** u just want to use him.u r the worst kind of skankiest ass w**** ever

  • She is not a w**** and you don't know....maybe her friend and her have no feeling for each other...go put a sock it

  • listen up your young and if you tell him and he rejects you just bounce back deal with the few days (or weeks like in my cases) of sadness and awkward silence and adapt

  • So u r useing the friend u text lot to get to him,hmmmm u sound like a useless f****** w**** to me,just throw your legs open and invite him in and laugh about the guy u used while hes using you...W****

  • It seems like you have two problems on your hands.

    1) You can't voice your feelings for this guy.
    2) you don't know if your friends likes him

    To start you are texting the wrong guy. If you are texting the friend more than you are the guy you like. The guy you like might start to think that you don't like him but his friend instead. Becareful not to text the guy you like's friend too much. Talk to him/text him directly. If he and his friend knows the you like him hint to the guy you like you like him. If he doesn't initaite the "I like you first" then you can hope he is too shy to do so or doesn't feel the same way.

    That is where you come in and take the lead tell him you like him.

    To your friend though. She said that she didn't like anybody. You have to take your friends word and do what you want. She did say she didn't like anyone. So IF she does get mad, tell her she has no right because you have asked her multiple of times. Even as a BEST FRIEND she would understand that she did say "nobody" and therefore you have the right.

    If she gets mad, she is just blowing the thing up. But tell her you are sorry. That guy you like might not be the best thing in the world and is not as important as your friends.

    Chicks before d**** just like guys day bros before hoes.

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