Don't play with guns...

Dropped the ol 9 and the sum b**** went off... now I have a hole through my wall, blasted out the tile of the shower behind it and cracked the mirror... Scared the ever living h*** out of me. Been a responsible shooter since I was 8yrs old (33 now) and I cannot believe how stupid I was... Thank God no one got hurt including myself (fished the bullet out of the third wall it ended up landing in). Talk about a wake up call to be more careful we only have one life and to squander it being stupid... well... anyway hope I can get everything fixed before my landlord visits. Been about 30min since and no one's called the cops so I guess Im safe. Jesus what a nightmare... Yes I was lucky, yes I was stupid, yes I could have hurt somebody... but none of that happened so hey, lesson learned.

Feb 21, 2012

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  • You were stupid

  • I had a friend who's dad almost blew his head off with a 20 gauge in his office at his used car lot. Not sure why he had a gun there, but there is a nice blast hole in the wall where the load went up at an angle. He's definitely the kind of guy who has no business having a gun in the first place. Not saying you shouldn't, stuff happens, but this guy's common sense is absolutely non existent. I still wonder how he grew a successful business being so f****** dumb about other things.

  • Guns don't kill people, idiots kill people.

  • idiotic mother f****** with no f****** purpose kill people.

  • No one could have been hurt it was a 9mm, safer than a BB gun. 9mm to small to fast does nothing in stopping power the only way it works is if the person you shoot is a Hemophilia or a hemophiliac.

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