I hate myself

Lately I've not been myself. I'm ten and I'm already been starting to leave notes saying that I'm ugly and that I shouldn't be alive. I really wanted to paint my room, but when I started to get ready for it I just stopped. It made me think about how I hide myself in front of my friends. I'm so stupid comparing myself to painting walls. Oh and by the way I also hurt myself. I also feel really weird because the only way I feel like I fit in is my imagination. My parents don't hurt me I swear on my life. Neither do my siblings or my friends. I so stupid posting this cause my parents will probably come acrossed it. Never mind that just please help me.

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  • These are normal thoughts for any 10 year old trying to figure out and sort out out the feelings and impulses that they are having.

    The real learning part here is to figure out what is considered normal in our society so that you can fit in and live with yourself.

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