I have been texting this guy that I work with for a couple of months, I really like him, but I'm 40 and he's 26. I do no look my age at all it seems that when I hit my 40 my body and looks finally came in, everyone says I'm pretty hot including this guy. Also I have been married for 7 years and have a 5 year old, I love my husband, he works way too much, I know it's very dumb specially since he is a great man and dad. Last week my guilt got to me and decided to tell the guy from work that friends will be better, we have only been together twice, no s**, but the reaction that I got from him was not what I expected and got dissapointed, after I left him, like a teenager I texted him if he was still ok w me and if he still liked me, he texted back telling me that he liked me as a friend. I also wanted to find out if it was still ok to see each other outside work, he texted back with "we will see what happens" which to me was over. So now I see him at work and he is cold and won't talk to me, i miss him since we really did connected, I lost my appetite for a couple of days and felt sick as well, all I do is think of him, I want him back, but I won't go after him.


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  • U want to f*** him go 4 it

  • Your saying "all I do is think of him" and "I want him back" says MUCH more about what you want and where you want to be than anything else you wrote. If you can assure yourself that he'll be discreet -- and if you won't go blabbing or confessing to your girlfrieds -- then you definitely SHOULD, in your words, "go after him". And you should get started right away.

    The likelihood of him being discreet is greater if he's married, in which case he'll be at risk of discovery himself, than if he's single, in which case he's more likely to brag about "banging that gorgeous hot MILF at work".

    Don't be so bashful and reticent with him: make it clear to him that you absolutely want him, make it clear to him that the price of your giving yourself to him is his absolute silence, and make it clear to him that if he declines, you're absolutely going elsewhere for your extracurricular fun. Let him know that, without regard for your prior reversals, the train is about to leave the station, and if he isn't on that train, some other lucky man absolutely will be.

    My feeling is that he wants you even worse than you want him. Stop playing middle-school games and get with this guy. Once you start, you'll love cheating so much, you'll never wamt to stop. Go get that man. Start today.

  • Get a married lover hel be more discreet im bi and only have maried men i also get turned on by us cheating their wives

  • I agre wit above im gay and love meeting the wives of my lovers

  • The relationship you should be working on is your marriage.

  • If you want to s*** around, then stop being such a wussy...any guy will f*** you.

  • if youre a milf there are lots of young hard guys who would s**** your brains out, just move on

  • U need a stud ur not getting what u need

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