Sexual Being

Ok since I was 9 years old my older brother (who is 5 years older than me) has been touching me. It started off with touching and humping.. then progressed to him rubbing his p**** on my v*****. I was a very sexual kid,, It started when I once wanted to watch the little mermaid, pressed play and say 2 people doing something that I liked. I used to like humping my brother and didn't think anything was wrong. Afteer a while when I was 12 I didn't want to do it anymore, we got caught and i was told that its not a good thing to do.
My brother would always look at me and make pervert gestures whenever I walked by in my night gown, or towel, (i had a curvy body at a young age. when I was 13 my brother would sneak into my room and ask to "eat my p****" I would say no,, but he would take it anyway. I would just lie there with the pillow over my face in pleasure. He did this all the time, I loved getting my p**** eaten, but i knew it was so wrong. My dead grandfather even came into my dreams and told me to make him stop. I didn't know how,, and I Loved it so much! So i decided to not take showers at night, only in the morning so that my area would not be that clean. It worked because he would take off my pantie and say "go wipe up" I would say no. He would leave but once he noticed my plan he would come with ahot rag. I thank God for the day when my older cousin moved in with us for a while. She stayed in my room, and it stopped.

I also was molested by my elder cousin. It started when I was around 11 he moved in and at night would kiss me and hump me and make me touch his p****. he was in his late 20's at the time. I told my mother and he moved out. He still comes around at christmas and thanksgiving and he has the same smell I remembered as a child,, I hate that smell.

My friend's step father would always tell me to come sit on his lap whenever I came over. and he would grind and grind me. I didn;t know what was going on but I knew it was wrong. One day my friends mother told me I cant come back to the house.

Growing up I had oral s** with 2 of my female cousins. I loved it. Now we are so close but never talk about it.

These experiences has made me so perverted. My fantasies are not normal. I sometimes think about my brother forcing me to open my legs so he can eat me. I fantasies about getting raped by my boss (hes 40 years older than me) or gang rapped by a bunch of older African, Indian, Asian, and white men. I love to watch incest p***,, and im so addicted to p***. I have had oral s** with several girls but I love men and performing oral s** with them. i have had s** with 28 men and Im 28 years old. None of these men had s** with me without eating me first. Its my rule. I love it so much!

Im married not... and my husband is so sexual and freaky like me im so content. But I cant stop thinking about gettin ggang rapped by indian and african older men. And I have this urge to eat a really really fat older hairy woman. I am so attractive if you saw me you would not believe this. Im also very spiritual and Love Jesus and have faith in him.. If it wasn't for my faith I would have had s** with taxi drivers, my boss, and any random man. But I know im too sexy and not everybody deserves me. Im so happy that he forgives me for my sins. but I get so mad when I cant shake the demons that have a hold on me. I m********* all the time,, even when my husband just finished making me c**. I dunno......

Feb 23, 2012

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  • try putting a strap on vibrator on your c*** and go to sleep with it turned on. When you wake up, write down your dreams, then try to make the dreams a reality. should be fun.

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