Boning the 🐕

My dog is a beagle she is all ways humping people legs on day she started humping my arm so i started fingering her p**** she really seam to like it so i trid to get my d*** in her p**** she was to tight i got about 2 in of it in her before i shout c** in her the next next day she was back humping again so this time i playing her again i was trying to get my d*** to go deeper in her and after a few minutes i on her p**** i lined my d*** up with her ass hole and gave a hard shove it slid in half way and continue humping her ass harder and harder until i cam in her ass tights hole i have ever f***** i f*** her 2 to 3 time a week sometime i put my d*** in her and let her hump

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  • Spawn of Satan! F****** a dog! Vile degenerate filth! You will burn in h*** with a huge dog c*** splitting your diseased body for all eternity!!

  • U must have really bin trund on by it u ready it now juge your self

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