Its been on my mind alot

When I was about 5 I was scared of my mother and I remember that I had gotten in trouble for doing something he said he wouldn't tell her if I had s** with him so I did when me and him both walked out he told my little brothers that if you had s** then your d*** would get bigger the next time was when my little brother was humping me while I was asleep when I woke up he got off of me this happened 3 times when I was about 7 the next time was when my older sisters boyfriend came into the room and molested me that's the reason why I only wear baggy saggy clothes around guys so then they won't touch me. P.s I was thinking about killing myself back in 2019 I should've done it because everyone wanted me too.whenever I grow up I don't want my daughter to see her uncles because I'm afraid they might rape or molest her.

Jan 7, 2021

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