I feel like a murderer

I got diagnosed with genital herpes 2 years ago from a complete a****** who couldnt care less about me. I was so depressed you would think I never wanted to have s** with anyone ever again, wrong I have slept with over 40 men and I have not told anyone of them that I have it. I feel like a murderer I guess my f***** up thinking is if I never see that guy again it doesnt matter if I tell him or not. Im not sure how many lives I have ruined so far.

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  • I usually try to not pass judgment on anyone, but what your doing is just terrible. Please stop, I guess whats done is done but dont continue disrespecting yourself and others, please.

  • I really dont need you guys judging me. Thank you. I have already heard everything. I think s** WAS a way of coping with my pain because it felt good. an in the moment kind of feeling. I do know I have a disease but that doesnt mean im a w**** or im dirty or trashy I got herpes from the second guy i ever slept with, Real trashy? Im seeking help I see a counselor every week and i have GREAT family and friends who support me. Ive been 2 months sober of not informing a guy that I have this. WOOOOOO!!

  • You are the kind of person who makes me very happy that I am a zoophile.

  • "So far"? "SO FAR"?? You aren't a w****. You're a weapon.

  • In case you really aren't sure how many lives you've ruined, I can tell you: "over forty".

  • Forty guys in two years? FORTY???!?

    Even if you believe that "all men are the same" and you want to punish us all for what one of us may or may not have done to you, you've gone beyond punitive and gotten perilously close to criminal. At a minimum, you've gotten more than "even", and you need to first check yourself into a mental hospital, and then, when you're released, go see a doctor and get yourself some medicine FOR YOUR HERPES. Yes, they make medicine for it. It's one thing to be crazy. It's another to be stupid.

  • If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? I don't know, but whether or not you see your victim again, he still has herpes, and that's not a philosophical question or answer. It's just a fact, like this one: it's your fault.

  • You aren't a murder. You're just a thoughtless, heartless, bitter, mean-spirited, diseased w****. And whenever the Oxford English Dictionary gets around to adding the word "s****" to its publication, your photo should appear next to the definition. So, from all the guys -- and their wives and girlfriends -- whose lives you've thoroughly ruined . . .


  • Don't call her "diseased." Nobody WANTS to get herpes. Anyone CAN get it, including YOU. It is essentially a skin rash condition that is passed by sexual contact. That's the genital version. Common cold sores are also a form of herpes: oral herpes.

    People can pass genital herpes without having any symptoms or even knowing that they have herpes. Sometimes people aren't diagnosed that they have it until years after they've gotten it.

  • I've got herpes too and it's not right what you're doing. You know it. It isn't right to s**** others over who had nothing to do with you getting herpes. Even if they're dumb or ignorant enough not to check if you have it. They should ask but that doesn't take your responsibility away from you to disclose your condition.

    Don't take out your hurts on others. Look online for herpes support websites and talk with others who have it too and share your pain. They'll understand.

    You aren't a murderer because people don't die from herpes but you are victimizing others as someone is bound to get it from you because of viral shedding, even when you don't have active sores.

    I hope you work things out. It sounds like you have issues way more serious than actually having herpes.

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