I had se with my cousin , yes she wanted it so i gave it to her , twas late on a friday night i think , its been a year and a half since . she was going through a bad breakup , dude cheated on her and got someone else pregnant we lived in the same house at the time , and she called me down to her basement apt. and asked if i wanted to smoke some weed, i said yes and so we smoked and then sat and watched some tv. then she asked me if i wanted to sleep with her , i was shocked but almost expected it from the way our conversation was going . so i said u have to show me that u want to sleep with me , and she got up took her shorts off and pulled my d*** out and started to suck it then she sat on it then doggystyle then i busted my nut in her mouth , we did it a few times after that but now its over and i cant stop thinking about it and what i should do . any advice.

Sep 21, 2010

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  • Keep going... Even though I'm not into incest, reading this really turned me on...

  • just remember the good time and thank her every now and then with a lunch or did each other a favor...don't spoil it by turning it into something other than it was...a good time between friends../ many men haven/t screwed a cousin...or wanted to anyway?

  • That's incest.

  • Yeah I agree dude, knock it off! You sort of took advantage of her at a vulnerable time and she's prob feeling worse about it than you are. If u're close ie still living in the same house you should talk about it, otherwise it might be best to forget it till you're both ready to talk about it. Either way it's over like u said. Find someone else, hopefully not a relative.

  • i sugeest stop dude. its your cuz man. find some other person to f**.

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