I have been with 45+guys

I am a 24 year old female. i have had s** with 45 guys at least,( maybe i am forgetting some and its more than 45...) and 2 girls.I met 11 of the guys online most i had s** with the night we met. I had s** with 2 different guys in their 30's when i was 17. I had s** with a kid at an outdoor concet that i had just met right there in the field with people all around me. i had s** with 2 guys at the same time in me at the same time on 3 different occasions. I had s** with a guy and a girl at the same time. I had s** with 4 different guys at my old job in a resturaunt and none of them knew and they were all friends with each other. I had s** with a married 45 year old when i was 19. I had s** with my friends boyfriend. i had s** with a different guy every night for a week straight when i was 20. I had s** in a car many times, a garage, a cornfeild on a 4 wheeler, a concert, a set of bleachers, the park, a storage unit, the woods, I had s** with 6 guys before i was 16. I cheated on every boyfriend i have ever had. I cheated on a boyfriend with his best friend. When i was 21 i had s** with my friend's little brother in my car outside, he had turned 18 the day before and i had s** with him the night we met. I don't have any children or std's. i am single. Right now i am having s** with 3 different guys on different occasions. I haven't gone longer than 2 weeks without s** in the past 9 years. I had s** with 4 different guys the past month. You would never know this by looking at me or putting it in me because i am tight still for some reason and i also have no kids no diseases. I am just a girl who has been with 45 different guys and no one knows but me.

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  • Good for you. You aren't afraid to be who you want to.

  • Wow, just reading that makes me want to f*** you. There is nothing wrong with being h**** or human. You should at least try to be careful though. Damn I'm h**** now.

  • Do not worry. I know some girls who are the same like you are. But I think you had some problems with our father when you were a small girl, had'n you? steph@freemail.hu


  • I'm 26 and have had s** with 22.

  • I have been tested a few times the most recent time was just two months ago! I am surprised myself... i have nothing i have never had an std or an sti and i have tested negative for hiv and ive never gotton pregnant! because im not stupid i use protection with shady people and the ones i didnt use protection with i just got lucky. i guess neither science nor religion can explain why i am std free and have no unwanted pregnancies.

  • hmmm....you have been lucky with Russian roulette....keep spinning the bullet cylinder...you will end up dead

  • You are a s** addict and you need help. How do you know that you don't have any diseases? some people go for years without knowing they are HIV positive. See a councilor before this starts to backfire on you. It will eventually catch up with you. You need help.

  • personally I think that's hot

  • God knows.

  • I married a girl like you. some guys will be thrilled to know your secret thanks

  • Classy chick....

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