I just wanted them to notice me

Im a nice boy and everything but i make up stories so people would pay alittle bit more attention to me it works but im just lying to my friends i feel dumb

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  • Nobody wants a liary little j*** like u

  • stop lying just be yourself everyone will like u if u just do THAT

  • A lot of people do that (which doesn't mean it's a good thing). In the long run, it's really better to be yourself so that you know who your true friends are. You'll be happier that way. It sounds like you're in middle school. It gets better when you're older.

  • I was the same until I moved to highschool and I found 1 guy in my form group that liked the same stuff as me and after a couple of weeks he introduced me to one of his friends so on so on until there was a group of us and I made up stuff and then thay stopped liking me then I stopped and thay started speaking to me again and naw were all best friends so my advise is tell them you've been telling them1 or 2 lies and then stop telling lies thay will probably like you moor and if thay were really were your friends thay wood like yo for ho you really are. Hope this helped.

  • i dont believe you

  • I used to do that all the time, sometimes people dont get how easy it is to just make stuff up. now what i do, instead of making things up i make them happen. Try it :D

  • you are. people will easily be able to tell you're full of s*** as time goes by and won't believe a word you say or want to waste any time on you. stop lying.

  • oh shut up a lot of people do that it's normal but i'm not saying that you should do that.

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